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Important for Press.

Please carefully read the admission policy below and fill out the form if you are attending ICE Asia as press or internal media for exhibitors. 

*Please note, this is NOT your registration for the event, to register - please visit the press registration page where you will be reviewed and approved for access.

ICE Asia is for B2B trade media only unless under prior agreement with the organisers (Clarion Gaming, part of Clarion Events) or if they are the guest of an ICE Asia exhibitor. In this event the host exhibitor has to provide the organisers with written undertakings to take full responsibility for the behaviour of invited non-trade media.

Consumer media arriving at the exhibition must go to the press registration desk situated at the entrance to SMX Convention Center.

Exhibitors will be required to collect their invited media at registration, be responsible for their actions at all times, escort them from the show, take receipt of their entry badge and return it to ICE Asia Press Officer.

Consumer media must provide written confirmation that all film taken at ICE Asia is the intellectual property of the organisers (Clarion Gaming, part of Clarion Events) and cannot be used or broadcast without their prior permission.

In the event of a member of the non-gaming media gaining access without the above permission or if they have gained entry using false information or credentials or have deliberately withheld information, they will be ejected from the exhibition.

Entry is at the discretion of the ICE Asia organisers who reserve the right to exclude any person(s) without prejudice.

Media Partners

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