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Calvin Ayre

As an industry pioneer, online branding icon, and serial entrepreneur I was the founder of the original Bodog online gaming enterprise, and creator of the global   BodogBrand. Throughout my experience, I identified a void in our industry of a real place where industry insiders could stay up to date on industry news and opinions. I wanted to create a place for all industry operators, suppliers, and online media experts to visit and discuss the challenges that we all face working in the online gaming sector. CalvinAyre.com is that place. The site is intended to offer opinions, analysis, and insight into newsworthy items that affect all of us in this exciting sector. It is my sincerest hope that this site will be a jumping off point. That it will be used to start a dialogue. To share experiences and expertise with others. Even if you don’t happen to agree with a particular opinion, share your view with the rest of the readers. At CalvinAyre.com, everyone has a voice. And I want to hear it. I hope you enjoy the site!   Calvin Ayre
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